Say Hello to The Panty Studio team

Owner - Brandy Lee Hall

My name is Brandy, mama of 8, wife to a hard working man, and positive pushing entrepreneur. I began The Panty Studio to give the opportunity for Pantypreneurs to make money, support their dreams, find positivity, and empower themselves. As a women who loves undies I knew this was an idea that I just couldn't get out of my head. So I made my dream into a reality and here I am pushing 1000's of women to pursue their dreams.


Customer Service/ Backoffice - Nicole Lindberg

Being apart of The Panty Studio has let me embrace the enjoy of working from home, being able to be there for my children and bring in an income. The Panty Studio makes me feel comfortable in my own skin, always so upbeat and positive!


Social Media Manager- Shaylynn Doxie

Hello Everyone, I’m Shaylynn, 24 years old a mommy to an amazing baby boy ! MAA college graduate , I am very driven and self motivated I’ve managed a couple of my own business before taking time to start a family. I love the opportunity I was given to join The Panty Studio , I love all the style selections and best of all the body care 😌 great way to pamper myself and feel like a sexy confident woman after entering motherhood mommy. The biggest bonus is also being able to support my aunts dream for her business and to watch and work alongside her as she grows. I’m excited to be a part of the team !!